ALTRAD Mostostal formwork

MINI BOX system

MINI BOX wall formwork are the small sized formwork of 90, 120 and 150 cm. The high quality of both materials and high quality of work guarantee durability and long-lasting of elements. The boards frame is made of high grade steel closed profiles. Due to hot-dip zinc coating the frames are corrosion resistant. Sheating is made of multiply, water resistant plywood coated with resin covers on both sides. This guarantees the high quality of concrete surface and long-lasting life of the sheathing.

MINI BOX system:

MIDI BOX system

The MIDI BOX wall formwork is designed to suit all types of building site works involving the use of concrete. A diversity of our formwork boards with sizes ranging from 30 up to 90cm in width and 150, 170, and 300cm in height, can provide optimal sets of formworks. Our formworks belong to the medium-sized formworks; thus, they are independent of crane. The system produces 60 kN/m2 (with no superstructures) and 55 kN/m2 (with superstructures) concrete pressure resistance from a robust board.

After the boards have been removed, the emerging surface is smooth and needs no plastering, sometimes a thin plaster or regular filling may be applied. Densely ribbed frames prevent plywood from deformations caused by concrete pressure. The whole steel construction is systematically covered with a multiplicity of wholes which comfortably, quickly and, what is most important, safely allows joining various components of the system with each other or adds extra components, for instance working platform supports or erection stays.

Fail-safe joints of various components are obtained by a multifunctional (universal) boarding lock, which was designed by our engineers to connect boards, clamps corners, columns, and also boards with some extra components put in between (so-called filling pads made of wood or steel) in order to compensate for the size of walls up to 15cm. The lock also performs the function of a levelling component which stiffens the formwork. Integrated tubing clips found on the ribbing ensure a firm and handy grip of the components and easy transport.

What is more, formwork can be moved about quickly (as the sizes of walls are the same), whereas full sets of MIDI BOX formwork (with surface area of up to 30m2) can be transported on hoisting crane hooks without prior dismantlement.

The quality of materials and surface-finish guarantee durability and longevity of the formwork. The board frame is made of high quality, steel closed sections with anticorrosion protection provided by hot galvanizing. Planking is made of multilayer, waterproof plywood, with both sides coated in resin. These guarantee top quality concrete and longevity of formwork surfaces.