Aluminum ceiling formwork

The ALUSTROP ceiling formwork has been designed especially for multi-storeyed, mixed commercial/residential buildings.

The structure of the formwork rests on aluminium panels that are 45-, 60-, 75-, 90-, or 180mm-wide and 90- or 180mm-long. The aluminium structure of the board has corner reinforcements, which increase durability and impact resistance. It is also covered with a 100mm thick waterproof plywood. Due to versatility of the formwork boards you can choose the right type of formwork board system for any ceiling; whereas, the intervals between walls may be easily filled with sliding boards, levelling and cross girders, or timber joists. Form work boards rest on standard shoring consisting of support heads. Maximum ceiling thickness tolerance is 50cm, whereas safe load is 13 kN/m2.

During ceiling cementation one cannot forget about a proper direction of concrete covering. One should begin covering the concrete mix in the centre of the ceiling and only after the boards have been loaded could one start covering the protruding part of the board. After 3-5 days, depending on the type of concrete and ambient temperature, the ceiling formwork can be dismantled. The Alustrop system is characterized by hassle-free assembly and dismantlement; therefore, sets can be easily moved from storey to storey. Alustrop’s assembly takes less than 0.2h/m2 (just to compare, the assembly of BS system takes ca. 0.5-0.55h/m2).

A combination of light aluminium components, easy assembly and dismantlement, as well as the fact that the resulting surface needs no additional finishing significantly decrease formwork’s labour consumption.