Supporting Tower S10

Tower’s structure consists of steel frames with a support distance of 1.0 x 1.0 m and height stepped every 0.5 m.
Infinitely variable adjustment of tower’s height to desired values is obtained by expanding the footings and adjustable heads.
Tower’s stiffness
in both perpendicular directions is guaranteed by the rule of basic frame 90° rotation during tower’s assembly, and by vertical bracings that stiffen subsequent frames.

Please remember that bracings merge the structure into inseparable piece, which is particularly important when considering vertical, crane transport of the tower.

Supporting tower is used during:

– boarding of monolithic building structures;
– supporting prefabricated elements of building structures;
– realization of supporting structures for working platforms;
– realization of gang-boards.

All S10 supporting tower’s structure elements are hot-dip zinc coated.