Nets & Panels

Protection nets and overlay panels provide protection against adverse weather conditions, such as rain, wind, snow. They are perfectly suited to long-lasting construction works at heights e.g. tall buildings, towers, containers. They minimize the bothersome impact construction works can have on their surroundings. What is more, they guarantee aesthetic appearance of a building during elevation works. Since the nets are made of polyethylene they are highly durable. We cater for all needs by providing nets in various sizes and colours.

Scaffold netting:

  • provides excellent protection against the sun, rain, wind, and rapid drying of mortar and plaster
  • protects the peri-scaffold area from falling debris and tools
  • plays the role of an advertising and information board promoting a contractor and materials used
  • reflects well on the contractor who demonstrates meeting the highest safety standards
  • it is available in several colours: white, black, yellow, red, blue, and other custom made colours, in the following widths: 2.60 and 3.00m
  • standard size of a production unit: a set means an area of 260.26m2 including 7 segments, 2.60×14.30m each

Additional technical data:

  • intertwinement at sides, top and bottom edges are trimmed
  • packaging: stretch film + tape; package size: 40x60x130cm; package weight: 31kg
  • 100 plastic, disposable, self-clamping bands included in each package